Better Smiles in Less Time

At Laster Orthodontics, we believe that advanced technology, like SureSmile and our iTero Scanner, are part of the science behind our perfect smiles.

SureSmile’s advanced technology eliminates the need for frequent orthodontic visits to manually reposition wires. This is because periodic adjustments can easily be made using high-tech archwires and computer software. The iTero scanner is a revolutionary 3D intraoral digital scanner which builds a computer-generated model of an orthodontic patient’s teeth.

SureSmile Technology

SureSmile helps straighten teeth by combining aspects of traditional braces with modern technology. The SureSmile technique utilizes orthodontic archwires that are custom-made to fit our patient’s teeth. Conventional wires still used by over 95% of orthodontists are one size fits all, and until 2013, were what we primarily used. Dr. Laster uses SureSmile to create your braces wires by using three-dimensional imaging, computer software, and a sophisticated robot. SureSmile is a sure way to give our patients the most accurate, advanced, and customized braces experience.

When you visit Dr. Laster to get your braces with SureSmile technology, the procedure will differ from the traditional method for braces. First, an iTero intraoral scanner is used to create a perfectly accurate image of your mouth, gums, and teeth. This is followed by a fusion process that combines high-resolution photography and digital x-ray imaging.

These images provide an accurate rendering of mouth and gum structure, which allows Dr. Laster to simulate the best possible overall treatment option. Once Dr. Laster has digitally created your perfect smile, then the robots bend custom wires that are more precise and accurate than conventional, less advanced wires. Your finishing wires will be customized to the size and shape of your teeth and jaws, which will help you achieve a perfect smile in less time.

Once these custom archwires are positioned on your teeth by Dr. Laster, your teeth straightening treatment can begin. SureSmile gives a better perfect smile and bite in less time than traditional methods.

iTero Intraoral Scanner

One of the biggest complaints from patients is how orthodontic impressions have historically been taken. Our iTero Scanner eliminates the dreaded gooey, oral paste entirely and leads to fewer patient visits during treatment.

The iTero Scanner is digital, meaning a more accurate impression. The iTero system uses a wand to scan your mouth digitally. The 3D digital impressions are then loaded into a simulator, where the accurate mouth model can be adjusted and altered based on your scheduled treatment. The iTero Scanner allows Dr. Laster to see what your smile will look like before, during, and after treatment.

Combined with our SureSmile technology, the iTero scanner helps us help our patients confidently create smiles they will love.

Based On Over 400,000 Case Studies, Itero Has Proven To:

  • Capture complete tooth images in a 3D format
  • Offer a better patient experience during the orthodontics setup process, especially with clear aligner systems like Laster Perfect Smile
  • Allow patients to view simulated outcomes of their orthodontic treatment before they start