Clear Aligners for Kids

When it comes to your child’s smile, you don’t want to leave anything up to chance. Your child needs orthodontic treatment that is fast, effective, and custom to them. Because after all, doesn’t your child deserve this kind of treatment plan?

That’s why you’ll want to bring them into Laster Orthodontics! In short, our clear aligners are custom-made in-house to fit your child’s jaw and teeth. Worn appropriately, our clear aligners will shape your child’s teeth into place. We recommend getting your child into our office by age 7 to ensure they have the care they deserve. Our treatment will ensure they are on the path to a perfect smile for years to come! Ready to get started? Book an appointment now!

What Are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are a braces alternative that will align your child’s smile over time. Our Laster Perfect Smile, developed by Dr. Laster himself, uses extremely precise software and highly advanced plastics to ensure your child has the smile they deserve ASAP. These plastics are perfectly clear and are stain-resistant, which is great for appearance. This is a clear aligner system developed as an alternative to braces and Invisalign. Our system rivals the quality of these other methods and passes on a lower cost to the patient.

How Our Clear Aligners Work

When you bring your child into our Raleigh, Zebulon, or Rolesville office, you can expect a few things:

  • Friendly front-office staff
  • An energetic and fun environment where we strive to make your child comfortable and excited to start treatment
  • An experienced, professional, and lighthearted Dr. Laster ready to treat your child

When your child comes in for a no-cost consultation we’ll determine if they’re a candidate for our clear aligner system. In the coming months, we’ll get them measured, their custom-made clear aligner set will be created and they’ll begin wearing their aligners!

After this, they’ll wear the aligner set for most of the day and their teeth will begin to shape into place over time. The aligner set puts constant pressure on the teeth, so there may be some discomfort in the initial weeks of wear. After a while, most of our patients don’t have any discomfort at all and can barely tell they’re wearing them.

What Are the Benefits of Clear Aligners

While some parents worry about their children taking out and losing their aligners, we’ve seen overwhelmingly positive results with children using clear aligners. It’s a well known fact that children are malleable and adaptable and this is no different for a child’s adjustment to using aligners. There are many benefits to being able to remove clear aligners including:

Eat the Foods They Love: Worried about your child getting upset over the inability to eat their favorite food? Don’t be! Clear aligners ensure they can keep their same diet. With traditional braces, the child would have to avoid problem foods like nuts, gummies, and other items because these can damage brackets and wires. With clear aligners, simply take them out before they begin eating and then they can put them back in after a quick brush.

No Need to Worry about Broken Braces or Wires: If you’re remotely worried about your child putting foreign objects in their mouth or their playing with braces, clear aligners may be right for them. We know accidents happen, but children tend to be rough on their dental appliances. You won’t have to worry about your child breaking a bracket or wires protruding out of place. With clear aligners your child will enjoy an easy and comfortable treatment process.

Easy to Brush and Floss Their Teeth: It can be difficult to instill good dental habits as is. Add in brackets and wires your child has to brush around and it becomes even harder to keep good habits. With Laster Perfect Smile aligners, they simply take their appliance out and perform their daily dental hygiene routine as they usually would.

How Should My Child Care for Their Clear Aligners?

A genuine concern with any dental appliance – how will they stay clean? Getting your child to sit down to brush and floss multiple times a day is no easy task. Fortunately, cleaning the aligners is easy where they just add another step into their daily routine. When your child has finished brushing and flossing their teeth they should clean the aligners.  This is done by brushing and cleaning the front and back surfaces of each set of aligners with a soft bristled toothbrush and warm water. This helps keep their aligner clean by removing any food particles or bad bacteria from them before putting them back into place.

Can My Child Still Participate in Sports?

Of course! We’re proud to support local sports teams and see our patients out on the field. When they win, we get really pumped! Clear aligners can act as a mouthguard to protect your teeth if anything hits your face. However, if your child would feel more comfortable, they can take their aligners out for their game or practice.

Laster Orthodontics – The Kid-First Aligner Specialist in Raleigh, North Carolina

Our practice loves families and loves kids as much as we love orthodontic care. We always strive to ensure your child has a great time in our office. We’re happy to serve them and even happier to see them get the perfect smile they deserve. Ready to get started? Book a free consultation now!