What are Clear Aligners?

Laster Perfect Smile Aligners

At Laster Orthodontics, we help families develop healthy, life-changing smiles using customized treatments, cutting-edge technologies, and caring relationships.

If you want to adjust your smile and do it in less time for less money, Laster Orthodontics has the perfect solution. Dr. Laster and his team have created a budget-friendly, in-house aligner system called Laster Perfect Smile.

What Are Laster Perfect Smile Aligners?

Laster Perfect Smile, or LPS, is a clear aligner system developed by Dr. Laster. The Laster Perfect Smile clear aligner system uses extremely precise software, and highly advanced plastics. LPS aligners can help you achieve your perfect smile faster and more precisely than other aligner systems. They also help you avoid the dangers of mail order aligners.

Dr. Laster’s original goal with LPS aligners was to give a lower cost option to his aligner patients. Now, Laster Perfect Smile aligners have been developed to the point that they are producing better results than any other aligner product Laster Orthodontics’ has offered. As the ultimate perfectionist, Dr. Laster is always striving to make his aligner system the best it can be, and is currently participating in an advanced aligner design fellowship to keep improving his work.

Why Should You Choose Laster Perfect Smile Aligners?

Laster Perfect Smile clear aligners provide aligner therapy for patients at a low-cost that is unbeatable. When you choose LPS for your clear aligners, you are choosing a product that is designed and made by an orthodontist. Unlike other clear aligners designed and made by technicians in Costa Rica, all Laster Perfect Smile aligners are crafted in our Raleigh, North Carolina lab. A better aligner, designed by an orthodontist, with the best price is what we provide for our patients with LPS.

Because of the quality, accuracy, and price of Laster Perfect Smile, 4/5 of our patients choose LPS over other aligner systems.

Benefits Of Laster Perfect Smile Aligners

The Laster Perfect Smile clear aligners provide fast, accurate, cost-friendly perfect smiles for Laster Orthodontics patients. Benefits include:

  • Cost – Because Dr. Laster saves money on the production costs of the Laster Perfect Smile aligners, those savings can be transferred to the patient. The aligners are a budget-friendly alternative.
  • Appearance – Some patients desire orthodontics treatment, but are looking for an aesthetically pleasing service. The Laster Perfect Smile aligners are virtually invisible and allow you to stay confident while correcting your smile.
  • Saves Time – Since the aligners are custom fitted and Dr. Laster is able to plan out your treatment on the first visit, you will have a perfect smile in less time than with traditional orthodontic treatments. Your personalized treatment plan is structured to allow for fewer office visits for adjustments.
  • Gluten Free Option – Laster Perfect Smile aligners are made from a gluten-free plastic, and the adhesive used to secure parts of the aligners can be special ordered to provide a completely gluten-free treatment.