Clear Aligners for Teens

Teens are the perfect candidates for our Laster Perfect Smiles clear aligner system. This system is effective, custom, and virtually invisible! In this pivotal time in their lives, teens’ teeth are still aligning and their jaws are still developing. If their smile is not developing in the way it should or in the way they desire, you should bring them into our office for treatment. Once you have your initial consultation we can create custom treatment plans quickly. From there, we can begin your teen down the path to a perfect smile. Ready to get started? Schedule a no-cost consultation today!

What is The Laster Perfect Smile Clear Aligner System?

Aligners, like Laster Perfect Smile, are clear alternatives to braces that are approved by orthodontists. Virtually invisible, clear aligners allow you to straighten your teeth discreetly. There are a number of clear aligner systems, but often the cost outweighs the benefits of clear aligners over braces. This is precisely why Dr. Laster developed the Laster Perfect Smile system.

Delivering the same quality you’d expect from traditional braces or Invisalign, our clear aligners are made in-house in Raleigh with the highest quality plastics and custom-fitted to your teen. Because Dr. Laster designs and develops these himself, it reduces fees typically associated with aligners. This allows us to deliver superior and custom treatment to your teen at a reduced final cost to you. These are the advantages of the Laster Perfect Smile aligner system.

Benefits of Our Clear Aligner System

  1. Virtually Invisible
    Worried about your teen’s peers seeing their aligners? Don’t be! Our clear aligner system is a perfect option for teens because it is virtually invisible.
  2. Easy to Use
    Another strong reason to use our clear aligner system – maintaining and using the trays is a breeze! If used properly, you shouldn’t have any issue eating or cleaning your trays. If you take your trays out before meals, you can continue to eat your favorite foods. Beyond this, cleaning takes less than a minute! Contrast this with cleaning the nooks and crannies found with traditional braces and it is easy to see why our clear aligners are the “clear” choice!
  3. Effective
    Many patients begin to see their teeth move in as little as two months! Some patients even finish treatment in as little as 6 months. Contrast this with braces and our aligners are far quicker in some cases.
  4. Custom-Made Right Here in Raleigh
    It doesn’t get much more personal than your orthodontist making your aligners. This is a HUGE benefit of our aligner system because Dr. Laster knows your smile and where your smile needs to be. This ensures the aligners you receive are extremely precise. No more worrying if your aligners fit!
  5. Cost
    Like we’ve mentioned previously, because the aligners are made in-house, we’re able to deliver aligner treatment plans at a very competitive price.

Does My Teen Need Clear Aligners

Without your teen coming into our office, it is impossible for us to know. If your teen is afraid to smile, has oral pain, or has other obvious dental issues, it may be time to consider a no-cost consultation with us. If there are worries of dental issues, the earlier they can be treated, the better. Prolonging necessary treatment only increases cost and the invasiveness of the procedure. Once your teen’s jaw and teeth stop developing, it becomes much harder to correct any malocclusion.

What Happens If My Teen Loses an Aligner?

Phone, Wallet, Keys, Aligner?

We know that doesn’t really roll off the tongue as it should, so if your teen happens to misplace their aligner at any point in their treatment simply call our office for an aligner replacement. It is important to hurry, however, because your teen’s teeth will begin to slip back into their original position.

Are There Any Food Restrictions?

So long as your teen takes their aligners out before they eat and brush before they put them back on, there should be no issue. This is a testament to the ease of clear aligners over braces. There is no need to worry about brackets or wires getting caught up in your food.

Why Laster Orthodontics Wants to Be Your Aligner Solution

At Laster, we love the families we’re able to treat. No one is arguably more impacted by the quality of their smile than teenagers and we want to see your child happy, healthy, and confident. Choosing a treatment plan with Laster Orthodontics means choosing a smile that lasts a lifetime. It means choosing a team of dental professionals who know your teen’s name and ensure they have a pleasant time in their orthodontic treatment.