Our Favorite Color Combinations for Braces

There’s no doubt about it. The absolute best thing about getting braces is ending up with perfectly straight teeth. Then, once those braces come off, you can flash your dazzling smile with confidence wherever you go. In the meantime, however, choosing the color of your elastics at each appointment comes in at a close second, especially when you get creative with it. Ready to get started? Here are some ideas to help you dream up your perfect color combinations for braces.

Follow the Seasons

If you love seasonal décor, why not bring your braces in on the fun? If that sounds like a wicked good plan, all you have to do is go for these color combinations:

  • Fall: Golden yellow, dark red, cobalt blue, and vibrant orange
  • Winter: Arctic blue, regal purple, shimmering silver, and stunning green
  • Spring: Poppy red, Monaco blue, emerald, violet, and jade
  • Summer: Sunny yellow, juicy pink, tangy teal, and perfect pastels

Since you’ll be coming by the orthodontic office once a month or so, it’ll be easy to update your color as the calendar swiftly changes.


Celebrate Your Country

No matter where you’re from, you can show a little pride in your heritage by wearing your flag colors. Go with the classic red, white, and blue for an American spin or red, white, and green to show off your Mexican roots.

Other possible color combinations include:

  • Sweden: Blue and yellow
  • Spain: Red and gold
  • Germany: Black, red, and yellow
  • Senegal: Green, gold, and red
  • Ecuador: Yellow, blue, and red

The sky’s the limit in how you want to represent your heritage, so get your thinking cap on and start dreaming up your perfect color combos.


Cheer for Your Team

If you absolutely love sports, your beautiful smile can say it all when you opt for your favorite team’s colors. If you’re a diehard North Carolina State University fan, then red and white it is.

Prefer to cheer on the University of North Carolina? Then, you’ll need to go with baby blue and white instead. East Carolina University fans can go for the classic purple and gold, while the Cameron Crazies, aka Duke University fans, can get navy blue and white.

Don’t forget to consider your favorite professional sports as well. You really cannot go wrong by selecting the top team in your heart and wearing their team colors with pride.


Show Your School Pride

You can never go wrong with showing off your school pride by wearing their colors on your braces. With that move, you’ll be ready for every event, whether you’re cheering on your sports team or representing your school in a math competition.

Just remember to change up your elastics once again when you level up and move on to the next phase of your schooling journey—going from middle school to high school? Not a problem! Just bring in your new school colors and get them switched up, so you can kick off the new year just right.


Dress Up for Special Occasions

Since braces bring you into the office on a regular basis, you can always tune up your elastics to match the next special event, such as:


If your birthday is coming up soon, just switch your elastics to your favorite colors and then host a party using those hues as your color theme. The whole crew will revel in your color coordination skills as you ring in your next year of life in style. Is your bestie’s birthday coming up next? Don’t forget to do the same for her to show your undying love for your BFF.

Formal Dances

From simple winter formals to the biggest event of your school life: the prom, there are tons of great opportunities to match your elastics to the theme of each formal dance. If you’d like to make sure that no last-minute changes throw you off, join the planning committee and play a vital role in bringing each dance to life.

As you reflect on all the significant events in your life, be sure to bring them up at your next orthodontist appointment, so you can get your colors fixed up to match.


Get Pumped for the Holidays

If you absolutely love to get pumped for the holidays, you can spread your lively spirit with each smile when your elastics match the holiday theme, such as:

  • Christmas: Red and green
  • Kwanzaa: Black, green, and red
  • Hanukkah: Blue and white
  • Halloween: Orange and black
  • St. Patrick’s Day: Every shade of green
  • Easter: Soft pastels
  • Valentine’s Day: All the pink

If you go this route, your calendar will help you select the next round of color combinations for your elastics, so you don’t even have to think hard about what you want.


Still Can’t Decide on Braces Colors? Let Laster Orthodontics Help

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