Laster Perfect Smile Aligners

Aligners have been available to individuals with crooked teeth since 1997 and involve the use of clear aligners in order to move and straighten teeth. Traditionally, aligners have been approved for use on older teens and adults who need to improve their smiles. Recent advancements in technology have now made this teeth-straightening treatment available to all teens.

Aligners are extremely popular because they are virtually invisible, which means they do not alter your appearance. They are also removable and do not require any dietary adjustments. Individuals with clear aligners wear each aligner for up to two weeks before changing to a new aligner. Duration of treatment and overall success of treatment with aligners depends very much on how well the patients wear their aligners and follow the protocol prescribed by the doctor.

For easier aligner cases we also offer the option of Laster Perfect Smile clear aligners which are designed by Dr. Laster and made in our Raleigh lab. This aligner system tends to be less expensive than name brand aligners.

Pros of Aligners

  • Can Be Removed
  • Custom Fitted for the Individual
  • Fewer Dental Appointments Needed
  • Nearly Invisible When Worn
  • No Dietary Changes Needed

Cons of Aligners

  • Cannot Be Used to Treat Severe Cases
  • Sometimes More Costly Than Traditional Braces
  • Must Be Worn at Least 22 Hours Per Day
  • Teeth Must Be Thoroughly Brushed and Flossed Before Inserting Aligners
  • Treatment duration can be longer than braces especially if not worn the required 22 hours/day

Deciding Between Traditional Braces or Aligners

In your initial consult Dr. Laster and his treatment coordinator will thoroughly discuss pros and cons for different treatment options based on your specific goals and circumstances. Often he can show you cases similar to yours and discuss what he likes and doesn’t like about certain treatment modalities.