Laster Orthodontics Launches Exceptional New Products & Services

Every year we try to improve on the services we are providing at Laster Orthodontics.  The technology in the industry is changing rapidly and Dr. Laster spends many hours taking advanced level courses to learn how to best use the latest advancements in the industry.  

This summer we’ve added a 3D printer and a third ITero intraoral scanner to our practice.  

Having multiple intraoral scanners allows us to take the most accurate records on our patients without using messy impressions.  We use these scans to create Invisalign and Laster Perfect Smiles aligners as well as to create SureSmile customized finishing wires.  

Sure Smile customized finishing wires help our braces patients attain more precise results in less time, and we are the leading provider in the area of this technology with over one thousand SureSmile cases treated.  

We treat the majority of our braces patients using this technology and don’t charge extra for this service. We just feel that our patients deserve the best that technology can offer.

Studies show that cases treated with SureSmile wires finish with superior results as compared to conventional orthodontics (measured using American Association of Orthodontics Scores) and achieve this in 33% less time.

Laster Perfect Smiles

Laster Perfect Smiles aligners are an Invisalign alternative that allow us to straighten your teeth using clear aligners but at a lower cost than Invisalign.  

All the aligners are designed by Dr. Laster personally using a software that is extremely detailed and precise.  We then make them in our Raleigh lab as opposed to Invisalign’s lab which saves us on average a thousand dollars per case which we pass along to the patient.

We are very excited about our Envisontec 3D printer which will arrive at the end of July.  Initially, our primary use of the 3D printer will be for retainers and should allow us to have the best retention system in the industry ensuring our patients keep their perfect smiles for a lifetime.  

For many years we have made retainers off impressions for practical reasons.  However, impressions are less accurate than scans and the model from the impression often gets damaged in fabrication of the retainer.  

With an in house 3D printer, we will now scan the patient when the braces come off.  We will then print out a durable model of the patients teeth which we will use to make retainers.  This will allow us to get retainers to our patients quickly and also give us a durable model of the patients teeth post treatment that we will give to the patient.  

If a retainer ever gets lost or broken you will just bring us the model of your teeth and we will use that to make you a new retainer.  If you lose the model we still will have a file of your final result which we can use to make a new retainer.

As a perfectionist, Dr, Laster very much wants his patients to have their perfect smile for many years after treatment is finished.  Better technology will allow us to have perfect fitting retainers that are easy to replace if something ever happens to them or if your retainer is just getting old and you want a new one.  

Superior Smiles at A Lower Cost

Eventually, we will also use the 3D printer to make our Laster Perfect Smiles aligners.  This will allow us to reduce the time between the scan and starting treatment and also save the patient even more money by reducing the production cost of the aligners.  As far as we know we are the only dental or orthodontic office in the area that will be 3D printing retainers or aligners giving our patients a superior product to any of our competitors.

As someone who is a bit self competitive, Dr. Laster always wants to be the best at whatever he takes on and that means being able to provide the best services for his patients and having systems and technologies that can help us better solve potential orthodontic problems.  

“We are confident that we are the leader in the triangle area at using modern technology and personalized service to achieve the best orthodontic outcomes for our patients. We try to do this in a way that serves each of our patients individual needs and desires.  We appreciate each of our patients and all the friends and family members you refer to our business.” – Dr. Laster

At Laster Orthodontics, we help families develop healthy, life-changing smiles using customized treatments, cutting-edge technologies, and caring relationships. Our individualized treatment plans help our patients achieve their perfect smile in the quickest, most painless way possible by utilizing a wide range of options from traditional braces to Propel accelerated treatment to Dr. Laster’s in-house aligner program, Laster Perfect Smile. With three locations throughout the Triangle Area, we create life-changing smiles every day.