How do clear aligners work?

Are you ready for braces, but not ready to deal with brackets, wires, and everyone knowing that you have braces on? If so, we have great news for you. It’s possible to get straight teeth without all the fuss by using clear aligners. Each specially calibrated aligner puts just enough force on your teeth to get them to gently move toward the goal. By the end of the process, your teeth will reach their ideal position, giving you the smile you’ve always wanted.

Aligners Perfectly Customized for You

The shape, size, and position of your teeth is completely unique to you, so your aligners have to be as well. Dr. Laster will personalize your trays of clear aligners to your exact needs using specially designed equipment and a lifetime of know-how. With every 0.3 millimeters your teeth move, you’ll switch to the next aligner in the set to continue making progress. By the time you reach the last one, your teeth will be nearly in their ideal position with only a fraction of a millimeter to go.

Aligners Act Like a Workout for Your Mouth

Traditional braces pull your teeth into position as the dentist tightens up the wires running through the brackets. Clear aligners work in the opposite way by gently pushing your teeth along until they reach their ideal spot. As this happens, they may mildly rotate your teeth to straighten them out and align the upper and lower rows.

You’ll notice the pressure in the first 24 hours after switching to the next aligner in the set. That’s because your teeth actually move that 0.3 millimeters in a single day. But don’t worry, there’s no gum bleeding or severe pain to worry about. The next fourteen days are dedicated to using the aligners to hold your teeth in their new position while your bones and gums heal. Then, you’ll get to switch it up again and take a big step toward the goal line.

Much like working out, you’re not going to achieve perfection in a single day. You have to measure your progress in baby steps, literally 1/3 of a millimeter per aligner, and give your body enough time to adjust.

You Must Commit to Caring for Your Aligners

It’s not just about waiting around, however. You have to take an active role in your treatment to ensure the clear aligners can do their job properly. That means caring for your aligners like they are your lifeline to the straightest teeth possible, because they are.

At each meal, for example, you need to pop them out and put them to the side while you eat and drink. This is also important when you’re just taking a sip of anything but water. Neglecting to do so can trap bacteria between your teeth and the aligner material, resulting in cavities galore.

And before you pop them back in place, give the aligner a quick rinse. Also, remember to clean them with any specialized cleansers, like denture cleaner, recommended by your dentist at least once a day. You can even scrub them up with a new, soft toothbrush and your preferred antibacterial soap —no toothpaste needed (except for your teeth, of course!).

Mail Order Aligners are Not What They Seem

After you speak to Dr. Laster about clear aligners, you might be tempted to search around for a lower cost option. As you do that, you’re likely to stumble upon mail order aligners, which, at first glance, might seem like a good way to save money.

Unfortunately, using these cheaper aligners can result in problems like failing to straighten your teeth or potentially making matters worse. The lawsuits against the many brands offering this option speak for themselves, after all. So, do yourself a favor and invest in a proven system instead.

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