Common Orthodontic Problems

Knowing when to turn to an orthodontist for dental problems isn’t always simple. There’s no doubt that it’s best to see a provider even if you’re not sure. Take a look at some of the most common reasons why you should turn to an orthodontist. The good news is our team is ready to help you through it all!


#1: Teeth Crowding

Teeth crowding happens when the teeth are incredibly close to each other. They may appear to look crooked and misshaped. Sometimes they look like they are touching (and they may be). When this happens, the problem is not just that you don’t have a straight smile; rather, plaque and bacteria easily build up in these spaces. They are hard to clean with normal brushing, which can bring the onset of painful cavities. Many times, untreated plaque and bacteria like this leads to tooth decay and loss. This is a condition that can be improved upon with proper planning and care.


#2: Excessive Spacing

Other times, a condition called diastema occurs. This occurs when there is excess space located between the teeth. You may notice it as noticeable gaps. One of the most common places for it to happen is in the front two teeth. It’s actually a genetic condition in some situations, and that can make it a bit more difficult to avoid. Other times, it is brought on by thumb sucking. Some people have gaps between teeth because of the jaw and tooth size. While this is an aesthetic problem, it is also concerning because these areas can cause teeth to dislodge and crowd into each other, causing them to loosen over time.


#3: Crossbite

A crossbite occurs when the top teeth close inside of the lower teeth instead of resting on the lower teeth. When this happens, there are concerns for proper alignment of the teeth, minimizing how a person bites or speaks. A common cause of this can be prolonged thumb sucking. It can also happen due to delayed tooth growth as a child. Fixing a crossbite is vital because it can worsen over time and lead to numerous concerns with appearance and tooth decay if not.


#4: Open Bite

An open bite happens when the two rows of teeth do not align and come together when the mouth is closed. Most of the time, this is a genetic condition, but it can also happen for other reasons, such as the adult teeth and child teeth causing a gap in the top and bottom rows. This can create difficulty with alignment leading to speech impediments. Many people have trouble eating food properly when they have an open bite, leading to limited diets and digestive problems.


#5: Overbite

An overbite is a common condition sometimes referred to as a deep bite. It happens when the top row of teeth protrude or stick out further than the lower set when the teeth come together. Most of the time, this occurs as a result of a misshapen jaw. It can also happen when a child uses a pacifier or sucks their thumb for an extended period of time. Correcting an overbite is possible, and doing so can help to significantly improve a person’s ability to chew and bite with ease.

#6: Underbite

An underbite is the exact opposite of an overbite. It happens when the lower set of teeth protrude further than the top row when the teeth come together. This can cause a number of challenges for a person and should be addressed quickly. That includes their facial appearance, how they speak and smile, and how they sleep. It can often cause jaw pain as well.


#7: Abnormal Eruption

An abnormal tooth develops under the gums. This can happen anywhere in the mouth. The tooth moves to where it can be seen. When this happens, it can block the permanent tooth’s proper path and cause problems for the alignment of the teeth. An abnormal eruption often leads to crooked teeth as this tooth pushes others out of the way as it works to come through the gum line. The teeth can be significantly out of line as a result of this condition. More so, many people with it end up suffering from pain and gum redness, which can lead to ongoing problems if it is not addressed quickly.


Allow Our Team at Laster Orthodontics to Help You

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