Clear Braces or Clear Aligners? How do you Decide?

People who wish to align their teeth without being obvious about it have traditionally only had one method available to them. Clear braces provided (and still provide) the aligning effects of braces without being as noticeable as standard braces. Even clear braces, however, weren’t perfect.

Now, people who want straighter teeth without it being too obvious have another option. New aligners, like Laster Perfect Smile Clear Aligners, are an alternative and effective teeth-straightening method.

Both clear braces and clear aligners are viable options today, and either may be more appropriate for a certain situation. If you want to straighten your teeth, here are some tips on how to choose between the two.

Clear Aligners are More Discreet Than Clear Braces

First, clear aligners are generally preferable from a purely aesthetic point of view.

Whereas braces get affixed to the teeth themselves, aligners simply slide over the top and bottom teeth. The sheaths that go over the teeth tend to be less noticeable than even clear braces. (Of course, both are much less noticeable than standard braces that aren’t clear.)

Aesthetics are certainly a consideration for many people who need braces or aligners, and they’re certainly a consideration for anyone who’s interested in non-obvious treatment options. There are many other factors to consider, however.

Clear Braces Can’t Be Removed

Clear aligners also have the advantage of being removable. While you should wear clear aligners day and night  in order to achieve the desired results within a reasonable time frame, Laster Perfect Smile Clear Aligners can be taken out at mealtimes or when you take a sip of a beverage. Braces that are affixed to the teeth, of course, can’t be removed.

Stains may be a concern for anyone, but they’ll be more pronounced if you regularly drink dark liquids. Coffee, tea and red wine are all known to stain teeth, braces and aligners.

Clear Aligners Are Sturdier Than Braces

The construction of a clear aligner is sturdier than that of braces. To compensate for this, aligners are replaced every two to three weeks — and that results in other advantages.

Clear Aligners Show Fewer Stains Than Clear Braces

Clear aligners show stains less than clear braces due.

This isn’t necessarily because aligners actually stain less, but rather because clear aligners are changed out every two to three weeks. While they become stained, they’re changed out quickly enough that the stains don’t become too noticeable. Clear braces are adjusted less often and therefore, develop darker stains that are a little more noticeable.

Clear Braces Require Fewer Adjustments

The adjustment interval works in favor of clear braces when you consider the total number of adjustments. Compared to clear aligners’ two- to three-week adjustment periods, clear braces are typically adjusted every four weeks on average (there may be slight variances).

The additional week or two between adjustments results in a significantly lower number of adjustments over the course of treatment. It also means you need to make fewer trips to an office.

Clear Braces Better Suit More Complicated Cases

Clear braces are normally better suited for patients who have more complicated teeth-straightening cases. If your teeth are substantially askew or require significant adjustment, braces may be necessary or preferable from a dental perspective regardless of these other considerations.

Your dentist or orthodontist can help assess the complexity of your case. If they recommend braces for a dental reason, it’s probably best to follow their advice.

Braces Irritate the Mouth More When Beginning

Be prepared for more mouth irritation when you begin treatment if you’re getting clear braces. While both alignment options will feel strange on your teeth, the stubs and wires used in braces can cause more irritation. These can be adjusted to an extent and most people become used to them, but they can be somewhat annoying at the start.

Dr. Laster for Both Clear Aligners and Clear Braces

For either clear aligners or clear braces, schedule an appointment with Dr. Laster. Dr. Laster will gladly help you decide which option is better for you during a free consultation, and the office offers a full array of teeth-straightening solutions. Whether you need braces for children, braces for adults or aligners, Dr. Laster and his team at LPS will take care of you.

With experience and expertise that comes only after handling thousands of cases, Dr. Laster is both knowledgeable about braces and a renowned 3-D aligner expert. He’s ready to assist with ether clear braces or Laster Perfect Smiles Clear Aligners.

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