A Better Smile in Less Time with SureSmile Technology

Since 2013, Laster Orthodontics has offered SureSmile dental services for patients interested in a less painful, more precise manner of dental correction. Learn more about how SureSmile technology works, and how it can benefit your oral health while giving you that perfect smile you’ve always dreamed of.

How SureSmile Works

SureSmile is a method for straightening teeth by combining aspects of traditional braces with modern technology. The SureSmile technique utilizes orthodontic archwires that are customized to fit the individual’s teeth. Dr. Laster uses SureSmile to create the wires by using three-dimensional imaging, computer software, and a sophisticated robot. Giving our patients the most customized finishing wires available.

When you visit Dr. Laster to get SureSmile, the procedure will differ from the traditional method for braces. First, an ITero intraoral scanner is used to create a perfectly accurate image of your mouth, gums, and teeth. This is followed by a fusion process that combines high-resolution photography and digital x-ray imaging. These images provide an accurate rendering of mouth and gum structure, which allows Dr. Laster to simulate the best possible overall treatment option. Once Dr. Laster has digitally created your perfect smile then the robots bend custom wires that are more precise and accurate than conventional, less advanced wires. Once these archwires are positioned on your teeth by Dr. Laster during your visit, your teeth straightening treatment will be in full operation and your finishing wires will be customized to the size and shape of your teeth and jaws. Conventional wires still used by over 95% of orthodontists are one size fits all, and until 2013 were what we primarily used. Once our practice started seeing the difference in the quality of results using the customized wires we started using them for almost all of our patients. They literally provide a better smile and bite, typically in a shorter treatment time.

SureSmile eliminates the need for frequent orthodontics visits to manually reposition wires, as periodic adjustments can easily be made using the high-tech archwires and computer software.

Benefits of SureSmile

The primary reason why patients decide to use SureSmile is for the precision of treatment. By using high-tech methods and SureSmile’s patented archwires, we are able to provide patients with superior service. Start with the technology involved in custom designing each SureSmile archwires. Follow this with computer-aided bracket placement and advanced treatment planning. This strategy for straightening teeth provides one of the most accurate treatment solutions available today.

  • You are able to receive an upfront treatment plan that is wholly informed by you and our dental team here at (dentist). The exact position of each of your teeth is calculated and targeted with planning using SureSmile technology.
  • You are fully aware of what to expect with your results, which are provided in rapid time thanks to the SureSmile system. No more wondering if your dental correction will provide you the results you were anticipating. SureSmile allows you to see what your new smile will look like without having to wait for years to see it come to fruition.
  • The amount of time it takes to provide patients with a perfectly straightened smile is minimized using SureSmile. This technique requires 34 percent less time in comparison to conventional braces. That is more than one-third of the time reduced for complete dental correction without sacrificing quality of treatment results.

The World of Orthodontics as published by the National Institutes of Health has reported scientific evidence in support of the efficiency of SureSmile. According to the research, the American Board of Orthodontists Objective Grading System (ABO OGS) determined that SureSmile reduced the treatment time to approximately 14.7 months versus 20.0 months for conventional braces. The researchers also noted that the ABO OGS score shows that SureSmile provides improved quality for teeth straightening systems.

Keep in mind that treatment time does vary from one patient to the next. However, SureSmile is able to give you the smile you have always wanted for you or your family member often time 6-8 months faster than using conventional techniques. Most patients would agree that having braces for six months is a lot more manageable than four years. In addition, less treatment time equates to fewer orthodontist visits, saving you valuable time and money.

Who is Best Suited for SureSmile

The SureSmile custom wires we use provide our patients a superior smile and bite over conventional, less advanced orthodontic techniques. We try to use these in nearly every patient. Having used this technology for five years it is now hard to imagine practicing orthodontics without it, yet 95% of orthodontists don’t provide this service to their patients. Since we have been using SureSmile many of the cases that were taking over two years to treat are now finishing in closer to 18 months, obviously every situation is different. Dr. Laster is the leading local expert on this technology, and has treated more cases using SureSmile than any orthodontist in the triangle area. Since SureSmile is essentially a modern replacement for conventional braces, you will be able to use this technique for almost any correction you would use braces to achieve. SureSmile can be utilized for most minor to moderate dental correction needs. While every patient treatment plan differs, most patients with misaligned bite, crooked teeth, or or an overcrowded mouth can use SureSmile.

Take control of your dental correction and teeth straightening today by choosing the modernized technique option of SureSmile. It is the optimal way to protect your oral health while providing you with a perfect bite and smile that dazzles for days. Dr. Laster recommends using SureSmile technology for children, teens, and adults who are looking for fast and accurate teeth straightening.

At Laster Orthodontics, we help families develop healthy, life-changing smiles using customized treatments, cutting-edge technologies, and caring relationships. Our individualized treatment plans help our patients achieve their perfect smile in the quickest, most painless way possible by utilizing a wide range of options from traditional braces to Propel accelerated treatment to Dr. Laster’s in-house aligner program, Laster Perfect Smile. With three locations throughout the Triangle Area, we create life-changing smiles every day.